High-quality data and valid results depend primarily on the skills and the accuracy of the interviewers. Intensive training, qualification and monitoring of the interviews are thus the key factors on the way to gathering reliable data.

Interviewer training

Each new interviewer at Trend Test first passes through a one-hour application meeting and a full-day training following the content: Fundamentals of market research, communication techniques, handling of the Quancept software. Prior to the first actual assignment, interviewers carry out test interviews. All interviewers are carefully coached in the first days and subsequently receive permanent personal support from our supervisors according to the guidelines from ISO 20252.

Trend Test guarantees interviewers with proven skills for every project. For all studies, there is a practice version for the interviewers to become acquainted with the survey. In addition, each new project is preceded by a verbal briefing. During the survey field-period supervisors are constantly available for the interviewer as a permanent point of contact. Additional feedback rounds occur for complicated projects.

With the appropriate qualifications and relevant training follows the inclusion in the Business-to-Business-Staff which includes the participation in a specialized training.

Our interviewers are managed and controlled in a specially developed field management system, in which all relevant information regarding the experience and skills of the interviewer is stored.

Additional quality assurance measures

  • Monitoring / Listening to the interviews on the basis specified categories by the supervision and quality assurance
  • Individual feedback and additional training where applicable
  • Validation of at least 5% of all interviews carried out by each interviewer according to ISO 20252