About Us

We have been conducting telephone surveys for the purpose of market research for more than 25 years. In doing so, we cover all of Ipsos’ areas of operation, and collect data on all markets. Our target groups are diverse:

• B2B surveys of a wide variety of industries at all professional levels
• Representative population surveys
• Regional surveys
• Customer satisfaction surveys (B2B and B2C)
• National and pan-European Surveys

We demonstrate our scientifically established and innovative methodology by conducting large-scale media and social research surveys, and with the use of the dual frame approach. We are the market leader within these areas.
All of this works only with well-trained interviewers. Currently we have more than 1,200 freelance German and international native-language interviewers. Intensive training, as well as monitoring and feedback is ongoing in order to achieve a high level of quality.
We see it as our task to advise our researchers and their clients regarding the most suitable methods for them. Additionally, we meet the highest quality standards: Already certified with ISO 9001 since 2006, we are one of the first German CATI centres being accredited with the market research standard ISO 20252.