Did we call you?

You were called by us and have questions?

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions that will certainly convince you of the seriousness of our business and the importance of surveys for the purpose of market and social research.

  1. What is Trend Test?
    1. Trend Test GmbH is the telephone studio of the Ipsos Group in Germany. We conduct telephone surveys for Ipsos for the purpose of scientific market and social research. How do the products we like land on our shelf? How can services be customized and optimized? How do politicians find out what it is that we want? Trend Test delivers an important part of the answers by asking you about your wishes, needs and attitudes.
      Find out more about Trend Test on our website: www.trendtest.de.
      We keep an ear to the market.
  2. What is Ipsos?
    1. Ipsos – The Home of Researchers. Our experts from all over the world work highly committed and reliably to answer our client needs in the optimal way. In order to do so we have organized our business into five research specializations – advertising, marketing, media, opinion & social, and quality & CRM research and have made of our operations unit our sixth specialization. The Ipsos group holds offices in 84 countries on five continents. In Germany you can find us in Hamburg, Munich, Moelln, Frankfurt and Berlin. Our guiding principle „Proud to be Ipsos” is both an incentive and an obligation to daily give our best to our clients.
      Learn more about Ipsos at www.ipsos.de.
      The roots of research lie in reality.
  3. Why did you call me?
    1. We wanted to find out your opinion on a particular topic over the course of an interview. Your answers would be (or already are, if you have participated in the survey) processed exclusively anonymously and only evaluated in groups. The personal opinion / answer of the individual respondent is not of interest in market research, rather it is the opinion trend of a particular subgroup of the population (men / women, young / old – to list just two illustrative examples). Therefore, the results of a survey do not allow any conclusions drawn to individual respondents.
  4. Do you want to sell me something or send me advertising?
    1. No. Trend Test works in the service of market and social research, which focuses on tracing and identifying the wishes and needs of the population. This entails the products or services as well as attitudes and opinions about social and political topics, in order that, eg., products that consumers like are the ones hitting the shelves; services are customized and optimized; politicians find out what citizens want.
      Here we are solely interested in hearing your opinion. We neither want to sell you something nor do we want to initiate any business with you – for ourselves or for a third party. You will receive no promotional material as a result of our interview with you.
  5. Why do you even want to know my opinion?
    1. Since it would be inefficient and uneconomical to ask the entire population for an opinion in a public opinion poll, only a small representative segment is questioned. This small segment of the population – the so-called sample – must reflect characteristics in all essential demographics of the total population, for example, regarding gender distribution, age structure and regional distribution.
      Both the drawing of the telephone number sample and the selection of the target person in each household contacted is realized as a random selection that obeys the mathematical statistics developed in the random models.
      Your opinion is important, even if it ultimately remains anonymous – just as an infinite number of raindrops yield an ocean.
  6. Where did you get my phone number?
    1. The telephone number under which we have reached you was generated by a mathematical-statistical randomized process. This procedure is necessary for methodological reasons and is common international practice. It may happen that numbers that are not publicly registered are randomly generated. Only in this way does each person have a fundamental opportunity to be interviewed. This in turn is an essential prerequisite for the drawing of population representative samples.Incidentally, in addition to its methodological advantages, this technique also exhibits advantages with regard to data protection: behind the randomly generated telephone numbers, the related names and addresses of persons to be interviewed remain unknown. This information is of no importance for scientific studies. We therefore do not know which person is behind a phone number.
      Learn more about the so-called ADM telephone sampling system: www.adm-ev.de under “ADM samples”.
      Coincidence is a science
  7. Why have you called my number several times?
    1. Representation is a key quality in market and social research. The quality of a sample significantly increases with repeated contact because then not only easily accessible groups of people in the sample are reached.
      A telephone number within a sample is therefore principally dialed repeatedly until, ideally, an interview is concluded. If the contact person responds with a refusal, the telephone number will be saved in the computer accordingly and repeated dialing against the expressed wishes of the respondent will no longer take place.
  8. What happens to my data and answers?
    1. The assurance of your anonymity as a respondent and the protection of your data are essential principles of market and opinion research. As such, a market researcher may not analyze personal data – only data that is anonymous and arranged in groups. In order to form these groups, we ask you for personal information such as your age and gender, but not for your name or address. The result reads for instance as follows:
      Whether in Europe, Asia, Russia and America: 44 percent of Internet users worldwide download music from illegal websites regularly.
      Despite the current economic crisis, three-quarters (73%) of Germans are satisfied with their lives, one in four (25%) is even “very satisfied”.
      Interesting, isn’t it? You can read more about this at www.ipsos.de. We look forward to your visit.
  9. How is my information protected?
    1. We take our professional ethics very seriously: All production processes at Trend Test and Ipsos are aligned and tested (ISO 9001 and ISO 20252) so that the protection of personal data of all respondents is guaranteed at all times.
      The protection of individuals is particularly important when it comes to the opinions of respondents in a free democratic society. In Germany, this (as well as the freedom of research) is embedded in the constitution and governed by privacy laws.
      It is important for us that you, as a respondent, can be sure that by participating in our survey you will not be sold anything and no business should be initiated. Also, your data may only be evaluated so that no inference is possible on your person. It is only with this security that people are willing to speak their minds. Therefore, we are working in market research – on the legal provisions – in accordance with internationally recognized ethical codes of conduct (ICC / ESOMAR Code) and the particularly strict guidelines of the ADM in Germany (see www.adm-ev.de under the “Code” and “Guidelines “).
  10. Do I have to participate in the study?
    1. No. Participation in a survey for market and social research purposes is always voluntary. But by participating in a survey, you are making an important contribution to decision-making in a free social market economy. In such a society we all expect that products, services and policies are oriented towards the wishes and needs of the people for whom they are made. The structures of modern society are so complex that entrepreneurs and politicians need solid and valid information on a broad basis for their economic, social and political decisions. Through scientific methods and techniques, market and social research offer this necessary information as an empirical basis. By participating in our survey, you contribute to effective decision-making.
      By the way, if our call comes at a bad time, you can of course make an appointment with us that better suits you.
      Have influence – tell us what you think!
  11. Why call in the evening and also on Sundays?
    1. In order that the survey results are not only comprised of people who can be reached during the day, we sometimes have to call during the evening or on weekends. Only then can we reach the significant group of workers and ensure the representativeness of our survey results.
      For methodological reasons, we carry out interviews for some studies on some holidays. For example, in studies on the use of media (eg. radio), the daily listening habits of each individual are recorded – including weekends and holidays.
  12. For which study should I be interviewed?
    1. Trend Test works parallel on a variety of different projects. Each interviewer who contacts you as an interviewer of Trend Test GmbH, will give the following information prior to the survey:
      The general purpose and theme of the survey as well as an assurance of confidentiality regarding the data collected and the voluntary nature of participation.